Past Research

This page explains where I’ve come from in terms of research, both published and in conference papers.


  • ‘Precarious Terrain’ (review Andrew Atkinson and Mark Harris, eds, Running the Whale’s Back: Stories of Faith and Doubt from Atlantic Canada, and Cynthia Flood, red girl rat boy: stories), Canadian Literature, forthcoming:
  • ‘Transnational Culture: An Interview with Graham Huggan’, in Transnationalism, Activism, Art, ed. by Kit Dobson and Áine McGlynn (Toronto, ON: University of Toronto Press, 2013), pp. 80–90.
  • ‘Repeating Stories’ (review Paul Yee, The Secret Keepers, and R.W. Gray, Crisp), Canadian Literature, 213 (2013): 171–72.
  • ‘New Multiculturalisms’ (review of Martin Genetsch, The Texture of Identity: The Fiction of MG Vassanji, Neil Bissoondath, and Rohinton Mistry), Canadian Literature, 206 (2010): 134–35.
  • ‘Daniel Alarcón, War by Candlelight’, ‘Mark Costello, Bag Men’, and ‘Nicole Krauss, The History of Love’, entries in Encyclopedia of Contemporary Fiction (NY: Checkmark Books, 2010).
  • ‘Macrocosm-opolitanism? Gilroy, Appiah, and Bhabha: The Unsettling Generality of Cosmopolitan Ideas’, Postcolonial Text, 3 (2007): 1–11.


Invited Talks:

  • Mar 2015: invited to give lecture at North Lindsey College (University of Lincoln), entitled ‘History Repeating: Neo-Victorianism, Intertextuality, and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen’
  •  Jan 2015: invited to give talk at University of Northampton’s Holocaust Memorial Day, entitled ‘What’s in a Title? Graphic Novel Representations of Genocide, from World War II to Rwanda’

Conference Papers

  • ‘Marginalisation, Trauma, and the Graphic Novel: From Maus to Malta’: ‘Postcolonial Traumas’ (13–14 Sep 2012, Nottingham Trent University, UK)
  • ‘”Imperivm Evropa”: Joe Sacco’s Globalisation, North African Refugees, and Mediterranean “Stepping Stones”, from Lampedusa to Malta’: School of English Postgraduate Seminar (6 Oct 2011, University of Leeds, UK)
  • ‘”Rendered Seemingly Irreconcilable”: Transnational Confusion and the Importance of Amitav Ghosh’s Travel Writing’: ‘Spectres of World Literature’ (8–9 Sep 2011, University of London, UK)
  • ‘Indo-Germanic Strokes: Understanding Comparative National Histories in Vikram Seth’s Two Lives‘: ‘Strokes Across Cultures’ (The 15th Triennial ACLALS Conference, 6–11 Jun 2010, University of Cyprus, Cyprus)
  • ‘Sri Lankan “Sites of Security/Insecurity”: Michael Ondaatje’s Transnational Fiction’: ‘Glocal Imaginaries: Writing/Migration/Place’ (9–12 Sep 2009, Lancaster University, UK)
  • ‘The Prodigal–Foreigner: Transnational Return and Reconstruction in Ondaatje’s Sri Lanka’: School of English Postgraduate Seminar (21 May 2009, University of Leeds, UK)
  • ‘”The accidental folds of a scarf”: Love, Loss, and Literature in Michael Ondaatje’s Divisadero’: School of English Postgraduate Seminar (1 Nov 2007, University of Leeds, UK)
  • ‘Representations, Marvellous or Otherwise: “Translation” and “Realism” in Monica Ali’s Brick Lane’: ‘New British Fiction’ (22 Jun 2007, University of Leeds, UK)
  • ‘Familial Identity and Diasporic Narrative in Anton Shammas’s Arabesques’: 16th Annual British Commonwealth & Postcolonial Studies Conference (16–17 Feb 2007, Georgia Southern University, GA)

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