Leonardo da Vinci

Renaissance (II)

As explained in more detail below, this is the second of some rather whimsical posts loosely related to a bit of reading wot I did about the life and times of Leonardo. (I do like a good biography…am I turning into my grandfather? Ack.) Sticking with English for the moment – or, at least, Englishified […]

Donatello David

Renaissance (I)

Thanks to the wonders of O2 Broadband, we’ve only recently got regular internet in our flat. (#firstworldproblems — see the excellent Chris Addison for ‘half an hour between miracle…and BASIC HUMAN RIGHT’) On a recent visit to The Far North (yes, sub-Watford-Gappers, the country does extend above Leeds), I spent some time reading Charles Nicholl’s 2004 biography of fifteenth-century […]

Ivory Towers?

In this week’s THE — which, by the way, should be required reading for all academics, everywhere; the fact that it’s published by a subsidiary of Nasties International, yet remains a source of compelling, ethically and politically important news on the subject of higher education, is a sad paradox — there’s a short piece on a […]

Tinseltown Racism?

We saw the latest X-Men film last night. Now is neither the time nor place for me to comment on the quality of what we saw; one thing I do want to talk about, though — and the motivation behind setting up this blog — was the film’s peculiarly reductive view of race. And it […]