This page has some details of my administrative experience to date.

Conference Organisation: ‘Enterprising Creativity’, November 2009

Along with a colleague, I organised the ‘Enterprising Creativity’ conference, focusing on pedagogical innovation in the ‘European Year of Creativity and Innovation’ (2009). The conference was designed as an interdisciplinary venture, both within and beyond academia: we invited speakers from several different university faculties, as well as from the world of business development. I assumed the following responsibilities:

  • securing funding from two sources
  • managing the budget
  • liaising with the University of Leeds Faculty of Performance, Visual Arts and Communications, as well as our own Faculty of Arts
  • securing speakers from the business and academic worlds
  • sorting venue, catering, etc.

Module Convening: ‘Twentieth Century Fiction in English’, Autumn 2009/10

I took a leading role in helping with convening the ‘Twentieth Century Fiction in English’ module at the University of Leeds. Tasks included:

  • compiling reading list
  • co-ordinating lecture timetable
  • delivering introductory lectures
  • managing VLE resources
  • setting assessment questions
  • marking assessments

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