Welcome to this platform for my academic work (research, teaching, lecturing, and conference presentations) as well as more general musings previously found at gained knowledge.wordpress.com (don’t go looking: it no longer exists).

I’m a teacher, academic, writer, editor, and general creative type. I give papers at conferences, publish widely, and — most importantly — teach: previously in a number of UK universities; now in Further Education, at Leeds City College, where I’m Deputy Head of the English Department (16-18).

On this site you can read information about my research (past, current, and future) and teaching (with links to some of my lecture presentations), as well as blog posts (the bit of the site that used to get updated semi-regularly, although this has suffered since I started at LCC) on a variety of subjects. I write about the things that matter to me: race, culture, education, literature, art, music, sport, and more. (I also blog here, with even less frequency).

Find me on Twitter here: @life_academic.

If you prefer your cultural musings to be more film-related, I also co-host a weekly movie podcast: The Prestige.



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Good question. Short answer: like ‘international’, only with more of a sense of border-crossing and multiple national affinities. Long answer: when it comes out, read the book. 😉

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