This page has some excerpts from feedback on my teaching and lecturing, from both students and peer observation.

  • ‘Sam’s seminars were flexible […] interactive […and] dynamic’ and his essay feedback was ‘always helpful’.
  • ‘He probed the students’ answers [and] pushed them to articulate and develop their thoughts in front of the group […] listen[ing] carefully and manag[ing] the seminar time very well.’
  • ‘We wish other lecturers gave presentations like Sam’s!’
  • ‘Sam’s method of getting us to answer questions on each text before the seminars each week so we could discuss them, I found the most useful and thought-provoking way of learning while I have been at [this university]. His seminars are excellent.’
  • ‘The structure of the seminars [was] good and very useful.’
  • ‘Seminars were excellent, [with a] good mix of teaching/group work/exercises.’
  • ‘[L]ectures provided good insight and seminars allowed points about the novels to be expanded on.’
  • ‘I really enjoyed the debates in seminar […which] helped to improve knowledge and understanding of points/themes/aspects [of] the books.’
  • ‘Good seminar structure [, with a] good variety of seminar styles.’
  • ‘[Sam] helped us plan essays and debate them which was good.’

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