Ok, enough with being positive and life-affirming: it’s back to ranting. A short post today, but this is something I’ve wanted to get off my chest a while. In association with I-don’t-remember-what (it’s extraordinary the tangents that structure my academic/social/procrastinatory lives), I was recently introduced to the website ‘unilad’. I’m not going to link to […]

SPOTY Shortlist

Discussions of teaching off-limits for the moment, given pre-Christmas marking, so here’s a very short post on the evening’s TV. For anyone living under a rock at the moment, this evening sees the final of Sports Personality of the Year. (This should have been on my other blog, really but I’m not updating that at the […]

All-Singing, All-Dancing

Welcome to a re-launch: where once existed a fairly basic blog, with entries on culture/race/education/society/etymology/general navel-gazing (the now-defunct gainedknowledge.wordpress.com), there is now a BRAND NEW, ALL-SINGING, ALL-DANCING website. The aim is to keep up the blogging part, while also explain more about who I am and what I do — in teaching, lecturing, and research. […]

‘Yid Army’

After a month or so away from blogging, this is the first in a couple of posts with a vaguely sporting theme. Don’t worry, though: they’re not really about sport. I know how some people hate that. (For those who don’t, have a look at beyondcowcorner.blogspot.com. But be aware that it hasn’t been updated in […]

I Need Feminism

Three things happened today that made me think about gender. The title of this post was inspired by a brilliant tumblr on this subject — but more of that, later, after a bit of ranting and some cultural analysis. Firstly, I stopped following someone on Twitter. (Bear with, as Sally Phillips, would say: this post […]