CG #1: Rwanda

Day one of Commonwealth Games proceedings, and I thought I’d kick things off on a…cheery note. Ok, it’s not the most forward-thinking of countries (just try googling ‘Rwanda + LBGT rights’), and it doesn’t have the happiest of recent histories, but it’s on the list because a) it’s one of two competing nations* at the […]

Common? Wealth?

For various reasons (this is one; this, most recently, is another [congratulations, guys]; moving house is yet another; oh, and there’s been the small matter of earning money [boring]) I haven’t been posting here with much frequency (if at all) of late. In an effort to remedy this, and to celebrate the happy-making trifecta that a) marking […]


As promised in today’s talk, click here for my presentation on Robert Louis Stevenson. (References, etc., as full as possible; do get in touch if there’s anything that needs clarifying.) Thanks to Charlotte Mathieson for organising a great conference, with lots of really interesting people! Sadly, research is back on hold, now, as I’m back to marking…