SPOTY Shortlist

Discussions of teaching off-limits for the moment, given pre-Christmas marking, so here’s a very short post on the evening’s TV.

For anyone living under a rock at the moment, this evening sees the final of Sports Personality of the Year. (This should have been on my other blog, really but I’m not updating that at the moment.) The whole ‘7/5 male/female; let’s have a few Paralympians in’ London 2012 love-fest feels a bit…fake,* so I thought I’d suggest some alternatives. (Imagine your own chart count-down music.)

3. Laura Trott: for the way she came out of nowhere, yet lit up the sporting world at a time when we thought no one could could possibly get more excited about moving very fast on two wheels. And also, let’s face it, because she’s cute.

2. Alastair Cook: why not? Hugely successful England cricket captain; batting average just gets better, even with the pressures of captaincy; born on Christmas Day, so suitably festive.

1. Jody Cundy for this outburst. Brilliant. Finally, someone who properly cares about sport. None of this ‘oh well, I tried, I’ll put in 110% again next time’ platitudinous rubbish; this is personality!

* For what it’s worth, if it’s a case of pure sporting achievement, I think Bradley Wiggins is head and shoulders above everyone else; if we’re going on actual personality, then it should be Ellie Simmonds; as it is, it’ll probably be Andy Murray. Meh.


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