All-Singing, All-Dancing

Welcome to a re-launch: where once existed a fairly basic blog, with entries on culture/race/education/society/etymology/general navel-gazing (the now-defunct, there is now a BRAND NEW, ALL-SINGING, ALL-DANCING website.

The aim is to keep up the blogging part, while also explain more about who I am and what I do — in teaching, lecturing, and research. This means that the ‘recent news’-type part of the site is still the old blog, and this is the part that’ll be updated frequently. Also, though, there’s now a website built around it, with links to my teaching, research, and admin experience. Coming soon, there’ll be more details on various research outputs, and some more fancy cross-links between pages; for the moment, it should at least give some background on the faceless entity behind these blog posts.

(To finish, a penguin picture. It was on the first page of hits on a Google Images search of ‘all-singing all-dancing’, see.)

*Not* 'March of the Penguins'

*Not* ‘March of the Penguins’


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